Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology at West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland.

Research interests are related to social networks, information diffusion, human-computer interaction and online marketing. Solid theoretical and practical knowledge of online marketing, compounded by experience in tracking systems and optimization techniques. Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Technical University of Szczecin. Minor field features online marketing, decision support, decisions under uncertainty and fuzzy modeling. Online experiences since 2000 and engagement in several projects related to marketing programs, ad management systems, campaigns monitoring and trafficking, online social platforms and virtual worlds.

Key lectures: Web systems and applications, Digital marketing, Online information systems, User centered design


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Social media, social networks, complex networks, social networking platforms, dynamic networks, virtual goods, virtual worlds, social relations, visual network analysis, social big data


Dynamics of information spreading, social influence, seeding strategies, agent based modelling, sequential seeding, adaptive seeding, viral marketing, word of mouth, epidemic models, social contagion

Agent based SIMULATIONS AND modeling

Simulation models, socio-technical systems, information flow, predictions, agent-based social simulation, prediction, social dynamics, behavioral models, evolution monitoring

human-computer interaction

Web systems, usability, web interfaces, recommending interfaces, web design, clicks tracking, eye tracking, persuasion, interruptions of cognitive processess

digital marketing AND ADAPTIVE CONTENT

Personalization, conversion optimization, user modeling, adaptive marketing content, ad server technologies, content morphing, perceptual studies, intrusiveness of marketing content


Multi-objective optimization, fuzzy systems, fuzzy modelling, uncertainty, expert systems, multi-criteria decision analysis, compromise solutions, mixture models